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A quality ceiling fan can bring many benefits to our daily life :

Suitable for FOUR seasons

  The ceiling fan keeps the air circulated and if used in conjunction with a dehumidifier, it can help delivering the dryer air throughout the room.
The Ceiling fan delivers cool breeze in all environments. If used in conjunction with an air-conditioner, the ceiling fan can help delivering the cool air throughout the room effectively and the perceived temperature would be greatly reduced. This way, the air-conditioner can be set at a higher temperature, saving up to 50% energy consumption hence a great reduce on the energy cost, while having a better comfort.
  There are warm days but the temperature may not be hot enough for an air-conditioning. The ceiling fan can keep the air circulated and help bringing in some fresh air, perfect for the season.
In places that heating is in used, the warm air rises and stays at the ceiling level. By setting the ceiling fan to Winter Mode, it helps pushing the warm layer of air back to our living area. This helps reducing unnecessary power consumption on heating up to 30%.

The gentle breeze delivered by a quality ceiling fan circulates around the human skin, it helps to keep the person cool and comfort without any disturbing. This is especially good for those who may suffered from headache or nose allergy after a night of cold blast by the air-conditioning. 
A good quality ceiling fan is whisper quiet, offering a calming environment which is perfect for sleeping.

A good designed ceiling fan is suitable for all household environments including bedrooms, living rooms, dinning rooms, study rooms, lounge areas, kitchens, walk-in closets or even under the balconies etc. as well as other premises such as offices, schools, restaurants and bars, hotels and resorts, hospitals etc. The efficiency of a quality ceiling fan can help saving up to 50% energy consumption without sacrificing people's comfort but greatly reduce on the energy cost.

In the past, ceiling fan may not be an object that many people would consider for their homes because of the limited choices and outdated styles. These days, most quality ceiling fans are designed by reputable international manufacturers or well-known designers. Other than that, many models are also equipped with an optional lighting solution. Therefore, the modern day ceiling fans combine the benefit of cooling, lighting as well as a good looking home furniture. Some award winning models have become a must-have items for designers and home owners..

In places like Hong Kong, every inch of space is very valuable. By having a ceiling fan, there is no need to stress about putting the fan away when not in used. A good designed ceiling fan not only look good but it can blend into every home and décor seamlessly.

Unlike pedestal and desk fans, there is no power wires lying around which can be a concern for elderly, children or even pets at home.

Ceiling fan delivers a more even airflow compare to other fan products that provide side-wind. The breeze generated from a quality ceiling fan gently circulates the air in the whole room efficiently while the side-wind can only provide directional cooling.